Rage Trade, ETH Perp With Real Yield.

Rage Trade

ETH Perp With Real Yield.


Rage Trade Introduction

Rage Trade is a liquid, composable, and omnichain ETH perp. The most liquid ETH Perp and the best USDC farm on Arbitrum. Rage Trade's Delta Neutral Vaults are a set of contracts that allow users to pool in funds for providing liquidity on GMX in a delta neutral way while earning ETH rewards on GMX. This vault operates on-chain for minimising exposure on ETH and BTC by performing a short on Aave + Uniswap with the help of two separate risk vaults. It is quite known that liquidity provisions in various high APR pools involve impermanent loss, mostly due to exposure of the underlying non-stable assets. What if the uncertain impermanent loss can be avoided for a small decrease in APR? The exposure of the underlying assets can be hedged by opening a short, so that any impermanent loss or gain would match profits or losses on the short, making the net position delta neutral, earning a stable APR.

Rage Trade Investors