Rahilla Zaffar

Rahilla Zaffar

Advisor at Fourth Revolution Capital & Wave Financial.


Rahilla Zaffar Introduction

Rahilla Zaffar is Advisor at Fourth Revolution Capital & Wave Financial, two leading blockchain technology and digital asset funds. She is also a founding advisor/contributor to universe.xyz, the first DAO run NFT platform, ASM (Altered State Machine), a leading AI & NFT platform and EnterDao which is building products for metaverse economies. She previously worked for ConsenSys where she worked closely with governments including Smart Dubai, the first city to have a blockchain mandate. She is also a Leader in Impact for the non-profit Partners In Health. She is Executive Producer of Minted, an upcoming documentary showcasing the global cultural renaissance being created through NFT/Web3 technology. She is co-author of Arab Women Rising, profiling entrepreneurs from across the Middle East published through [email protected] She co-leads the Ibrahim Leadership and Dialogue Program with Queens College, taking top US university students on a trip to the Middle East. She was one of the founding directors of one of the first entrepreneurshipcurriculums at a school in Philadelphia. Rahilla also worked with a Wharton Business School professor to create Building Bridges to Wealth, a cross-generational financial literacy and entrepreneurship organization providing programs for inner-city communities and schools. She earned her BA in Public Policy from DePaul University and holds two MAs: one in Environmental Studies from the University of Pennsylvania and the other in Social Policy and Planning in Developing Countries from the London School of Economics.

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