A movement of people pioneering to redecentralize the web.

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Redecentralize Introduction

The internet, once hailed as a force for democracy, has allowed a handful of monoliths to amass more power than most nation states. Social media have become surveillance machines, making our interactions with technology feel exploitative. We aim to change that. Redecentralize strives for an alternative ecosystem made up of interoperable products and services build on public infrastructures. Products, moreover, that do not surveill their users, but instead protect their right to privacy.

A web built for everyone requires us all to get involved. Redecentralize creates space for communities to share their knowledge, learn from each other and celebrate successes. We bring people together to work on common challenges and build open infrastructures that promote interoperable services. We help existing solutions gain mainstream attention and help define how we measure progress to the goals and objectives of decentralization.

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