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RenGen Labs Introduction

RenGen Labs is the easiest and most trusted place to connect with companies issuing private equity and security token offerings. The RenGen Labs private equity investment platform enables investors to connect with deals that are offered in a compliant framework. Our users seek high quality deals from equity issuers doing business all around the world. When blockchain based crowdfunding took off in 2017, RenGen Labs’ founders found it increasingly difficult to find a place to safely invest in offerings with regards to regulatory compliance. The RenGen Labs private equity investment platform was built to help address the need for a regulatory compliant platform to invest in private equity offerings, and the need for vetted, higher quality deals. RenGen Labs’s core expertise lies in compliance, due diligence, blockchain technology, and customer support. We are able to offer our investor-base carefully selected and vetted deals. We place a high emphasis on finding the right people, and believe strong teams are the most validating common denominator of every great venture.

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