Ribbon Finance

Ribbon Finance

Crypto structured products on Ethereum.

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Ribbon Finance Introduction

Ribbon Finance, Crypto structured products on Ethereum. Invest Like A Pro.

Combine options, futures, and fixed income to improve your portfolio's risk-return profile.

Ribbon Finance is a new company focused on creating crypto structured products on DeFi. We are focused on building new financial products that can be created through cross-protocol composition, to help users achieve a superior risk-return profile than they would be able to on their own.

We are focused on products to tackle four broad categories of opportunities:

Volatility: Products that let users long or short volatility of various cryptoassets for speculation or hedging purposes;

Yield Enhancement: Active and passive products that let users earn high yields (3-digit APY) by stacking yield-bearing instruments with writing options;

Principal Protection: Investment products that guarantee the user will get their money back, plus potential upside. These can be constructed through a combination of fixed-income products and options;

Accumulation: Products that let users accumulate their favourite assets over time, through strategies such as automated put option selling & reinvesting the yield into accumulating more assets.

We envision that a large group of retail investors in crypto would want to deploy their capital in at least one of these buckets, to complement their existing positions or to generate yield on their long-term holdings. Our goal is not only to bring these financial instruments on-chain, but also to build a world-class product that surfaces the best financial products, and simplifies the experience of investing in them. We want to grow the market for retail-focused structured products to the entire world, and we’re starting here.

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