Rollkit, A modular framework for rollups.


A modular framework for rollups.

Rollkit Introduction

Rollkit is a rollup framework that gives developers the freedom to deploy rollups throughout the modular stack, opening new possibilities for rapid experimentation and innovation. The Rollkit framework features a modular node that can run rollups and exposes an ABCI-compatible client interface, which can be used as a substitute for Tendermint in any ABCI-compatible blockchain application. By default, the node utilizes Celestia as the data availability (DA) layer, however other data availability layers can be integrated. Rollkit can currently be used to deploy sovereign rollups or sovereign settlement layers. In the future, we intend to support settled (not sovereign) rollups that settle to another settlement layer. Rollkit is built as an open-source framework, so that developers can easily modify it to suit their applications. Our goal is to empower developers to quickly innovate and create new classes of rollups with minimal trade-offs, and to make deploying a new chain as easy as deploying a smart contract.

Rollkit Investors