RottenSwap ROT

Deflationary yield farming token.

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RottenSwap Introduction

RottenToken is an exact copy of the SushiSwap smart contracts, with a few exceptions:

1 The Rotten Sushi token has no premined dev fund, so a Chef Nomi type rug pull is not possible.

2 The pools are designed to incentivize farming by providing liquidity for ROT itself, rather than creating a low risk way for whales to dump on smaller holders to increase their holdings.

3 The SUSHI is rotten. Every transfer, 2.5% of the amount is burnt and transformed into MAGGOT tokens. The MAGGOT tokens are valueless since they are highly inflationary, but RottenToken (ROT) is deflationary with sufficient transaction volume. The higher the volume of ROT, the more deflationary it becomes, potentially creating a positive feedback loop of increasing price/volume and decreasing supply. This is the major experimental change from the SushiSwap protocol.

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