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Royal is a platform where you can buy ownership in songs directly from your favorite artists and earn royalties with them. Are you passionate about helping artists earn a living and keep control of their work? Only 12% of the $40 billion of recorded music revenue goes to artists. The rest is taken by intermediaries like record labels, managers, publishers, tech platforms and lawyers. At royal we are enabling fans to directly invest in their favorite artists, and earn a share of their royalties as they grow. We're building a world where fans and artists are part of a shared journey, with the tools to enable each others’ success and to connect with each other. Let’s rebuild the music industry. Co-founded by Justin Blau – who performs as 3LAU and has sold over $20 million in NFTs – and JD Ross the co-founder of Opendoor and General Partner at Atomic, royal has raised over $15M in seed funding from top venture capitalists, angel investors and artists.

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