RSK Ecosystem Fund

RSK Ecosystem Fund

Investments in ventures working within bitcoin and RSK.

RSK Ecosystem Fund Introduction

RSK Ecosystem Fund is managed by Monday Capital, a fund that was founded by entrepreneurs/engineers. The goal of the Ecosystem Fund is to support financially, technically and business-wise new startups that build on top of bitcoin and the RSK ecosystem. It’s dedicated to investments in ventures working within bitcoin and RSK. The Ecosystem Fund provides seed funding for startups. We don’t care if you haven’t raised any funds before. We’d love to be your first believer and help you build something meaningful, and raise money on a larger scale if needed. We are planning to invest at least $5m within this year. All of the investments will be made in RIF and BTC. Our role as investors/engineers is to identify and invest in the projects that will help create flawless UX on top of bitcoin/RSK. We are planning to invest in projects that will enable users to create their own digital bank, lending services, virtual games and any other service on top of bitcoin, with just the click of a button. These portfolio companies will then work side by side with both the Studio and RSK labs in order to implement the projects within the ecosystem. Our investments will range from $100k to $500k.

RSK Ecosystem Fund Team

Katerina Stroponiati

RSK Ecosystem Fund Portfolio

RSK Ecosystem Fund Investors