Ryan Gentry

Ryan Gentry

Technical Research Analyst at Multicoin Capital.

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Ryan Gentry Introduction

Ryan Gentry is Technical Research Analyst at Multicoin Capital.

I am a Technical Research Analyst at Multicoin Capital, a thesis-driven cryptofund focused on driving value for investors long-term.

Prior to Multicoin Capital, I served as a Controls Engineer for Intel Corporation in Phoenix, Arizona, designing, installing and maintaining the central nervous systems for some of the most complex buildings in the world.

In 2016, while still at Intel, I completed a Masters of Computer and Electrical Engineering through Georgia Tech’s distance learning program and adjusted my professional focus to the Internet of Things. Studying the coordination problems that come with distributed systems led me to similar challenges with blockchain technologies. In mid-2018, I left Intel to research crypto full time.

An engineer by trade, I am enterally fascinated by distributed systems, decentralized services, and ownership of data. I was born in Austin, TX, and hold an Aerospace Engineering degree from the University of Texas.

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