Sachin Mittal

Sachin Mittal

Developer Relations at Gitcoin.

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Sachin Mittal Introduction

Sachin Mittal is a professional Blockchain technologist with 3 years of experience. He has worked with the "Big Three" of blockchain space, Hyperledger, Ethereum & Consensys.

Given my entrepreneurial and curious nature, I am constantly analysing blockchain based start-up technologies and their success stories (and failures) to improve my technological base, and implement the same in my portfolio projects.

Most recently, I PM'ed 4 projects together in a 2 week virtual hackathon on gitcoin, and won 3 out of 4 bounties and earning follow up contracts with Aave protocol. Also, I am ranked 20th on the gitcoin leaderboard.

Recently, I started another venture, known as DeFiVerse. Which serves the need and build products to spearhead the ecosystem of DeFi.

Currently, acting as Strategic and Operations lead for our Outsourcing team, Trellis Labs.

I has been certified by Consensys for his "Ethereum Development skills".

In 2018, He wore the hat of VP technology for Capovex. Capovex is a blockchain front of a hedgefund worth 100 cr, building Decentralized bank. Led the blockchain and security side of the blockchain. Designed the ICO platform, and POC the blockchain based Decentralized bank

Also, Having prior experience of 12+ hackathons and numerous projects makes him professionally experience with the team management. He has become skilled in project management, algorithms, debugging, coding skills. The most challenging project till date for Sachin has been implementing hybrid-commit reveal scheme and Provably fair algorithm to design a blockchain based incentivized game following Test Driven Development.

Sachin's skill sets include proficiency with:- Programming languages: C++, Java, Javascript, Solidity, etc. Frameworks and Tools: Docker, Kubernetes, React-Redux-Parcel, Web3.0, Truffle, Drizzle, Nodejs, etc.

Minor in cryptography and currently writing a research paper on Bitcoin security.

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