Sam Lessin

Sam Lessin

Co-founder at Fin, GP at Slow Ventures, Intern at The Information.

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Sam Lessin Introduction

Sam Lessin is currently co-founder and co-CEO of Fin. He also invests in tech startups through Slow Ventures, where he is a partner. He was formerly a vice president of product management at Facebook from 2010 to 2014, where he managed the People, Places, and Things product group and the Identity product group. Prior to joining Facebook Sam founded, a file-sharing platform that was acquired by Facebook in 2010. Before Sam was an associate at Bain and Company. In his spare time Sam enjoys skiing and kite-surfing. He is married to Jessica Lessin, founder of The Information.

Sam Lessin is the co-founder and CEO of Prior to he worked at Bain & Company. He graduated from Harvard University (Magna Cum Laude & PBK distinctions).

Sam Lessin Work Experience

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