Sanat Rao

Sanat Rao

General Partner at BlockTower Capital.


Sanat Rao Introduction

Sanat Rao is General Partner at BlockTower Capital. Passionate investor with a background in venture capital, digital asset investments, hedge funds and M&A. Sanat started his career as a chip design engineer at Intel where he was a member of the Pentium IV and Core microprocessor design teams. He has held several operational roles at Intel and led Intel's $100M embedded & IOT business in emerging markets covering India, Latin America and South East Asia. Sanat started his investing career at Intel Capital, where he held roles on both the investment and corporate development teams He was a partner and founding member at iSPIRT, where he led 12 M&A transactions in the Indo-US corridor. Most recently, Sanat was a venture partner at IDG Ventures India and led investments in the fintech, SaaS and AI/ML space. He also led IDG Ventures’ exit activities via secondary sales and M&A. He is currently founding partner at Gamma Point Capital, a fund focused on market neutral strategies in the blockchain and digital asset space. Sanat holds BS & MS degrees in Computer Engineering, an MBA degree and has been a visiting lecturer at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. He is currently a guest lecturer at the Duke Fuqua School of Business in venture capital and strategy for the MBA and EMBA programs.

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