Senken, Buy, retire, and sell trustworthy carbon credits.


Buy, retire, and sell trustworthy carbon credits.

Senken Introduction

Senken is the world’s first gateway to on-chain carbon credits from verified climate projects. We all know that reducing emissions is critical, but it’s not enough. Offsetting unavoidable emissions with carbon credits is paramount to a complete net-zero strategy. But the current system is flawed: it’s hard to access, the industry is full of intermediaries charging high fees, a lack of independent ratings makes it difficult to assess a project’s quality, and most transactions happen behind closed doors, hindering price signals. This is why senken leverages blockchain technology alongside other innovative web3 climate companies that are making the voluntary carbon market more transparent and effective. We’re simplifying the technical complexity behind this new movement and presenting it you on an intuitive, easy-to-use interface.

Senken Investors