DeFi Risk Assessor.

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Sherlock Introduction

Sherlock, Decentralized exploit protection. DeFi Alliance Cohort 4. Built in Kernel Block II. 2021 MarketMake Prize Winner.

We believe decentralized finance (DeFi) has a unique opportunity to become one of the most impactful societal goods in the 21st century. But it’s not guaranteed.

When we looked at the state of DeFi in 2020, we saw a burgeoning ecosystem with the potential to bring equality of financial access to billions of people. But DeFi was plagued by two pernicious problems: scalability and safety.

While many projects are working to solve the scalability problem, there aren’t many new approaches to making DeFi safer. It’s also clear that no approach is able to prevent 100% of exploits. We’ve decided to focus our efforts on managing the risks around exploits rather than aiming for 100% prevention.

We believe that by improving the safety of DeFi we’ll be able to help bring DeFi to the masses.

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