Launched by Mask Network with 15 founding partners.


SocialFi Introduction

SocialFi Alliance is launched by Mask Network with 15 founding partners. Founding partners include Polygon, as the full stack ethereum scaling solution, and 7 social DeFi apps all running on Polygon — lottery DApp PoolTogether, social trading DApp dHEDGE, social saving DApp GoodGhosting, prediction market DApp Augur, and trading widgets including SushiSwap, QuickSwap, and DODO. We have also invited 4 ecosystem partners: developer community Gitcoin, fiat on-ramp solution Transak, NFT badge provider Project Galaxy, multi-chain incubator Impossible Finance. Finally, we have enlisted the help of 3 community and media partners: Real Satoshi, Bankless DAO, and Global Coin Research. We have seen the enthusiasm with DeFi and GameFi within the crypto community, and Mask Network is trying to bring outstanding DeFi/GameFi projects onto the Mask extension, so more users could use it on top of the mainstream social network. Meanwhile, Mask Network has been thinking about ways of bringing the features of Mask extension and Web 2.0 social networks into the DeFi world. Mask Network hopes to bring the vibrancy and interactivity of social networks onto decentralized finance activities. Therefore, Mask Network got in touch with projects that are pivotal in the space, to form the Social DeFi Alliance together. We handpicked this batch of the social DeFi apps to cover both the core features like swap and swap aggregator and more consumer-level features like social trading, lottery, social savings, and sports/election betting. We look forward to making your personal finance experience a lot more complete with additional DeFi apps of different utilities blossoming in the ecosystem in the foreseeable future. It’s worth noting that the integration of the dHEDGE, PoolTogether, GoodGhosting, and Augur plugins on Mask extension were all completed by developers in the Mask Network community during the Gitcoin Grants Round 10 Hackathon. This is a very promising sneak peek of the decentralized Mask community we would love to see, where community developers integrate decentralized applications to the Mask extension, and gradually form a Mask decentralized app ecosystem with thousands of DApps, built mostly with community developer contribution. We believe that with the vast majority of the Internet users also being social network users, getting DeFi directly onto the major social networks like Twitter, Facebook could be the most critical step towards large-scale user adoption of DeFi and Web 3.0 applications. We welcome all projects who share our vision to join forces with us. We will expand the Social DeFi Alliance to multichain and many, many more applications. We hope to see 1 billion DeFi & Web 3.0 users sooner.

SocialFi Investors