Souradeep Das

Souradeep Das

Blockchain Researcher at Next Tech Lab.


Souradeep Das Introduction

Souradeep Das, Student Lead- Blockchain Lab at UC Berkeley, Blockchain Researcher at Next Tech Lab. Experience with Blockchain, Ethereum, Hyperledger, Speaker at Ethereum Devcon5. I have been leading Blockchain Research in Satoshi Lab at Next Tech since 2016, which is a QS award-winning research lab. I also am the Co-Lead of The Blockchain Lab at UC Berkeley. I have won several international and national level Blockchain hackathons in the past. I have delivered several talks and workshops on Blockchain and also was a Technical Consultant and a part of the recruiting team for the Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator. When I am not BUIDling, researching or auditing, I enjoy talking about unicorns and cats.

Souradeep Das Work Experience