Squads Protocol, The multisig standard you were looking for on Solana.

Squads Protocol

The multisig standard you were looking for on Solana.


Squads Protocol Introduction

Squads Protocol is the multi-signature wallet standard on Solana, which gives web3 teams and secure individuals full control over their treasury, programs and tokens. As crypto progressively becomes adopted worldwide, more and more people will utilize blockchains to coordinate, collaborate, and create businesses together free from the constraints of traditional org structures and international borders. Most crypto teams already have members spread across the globe, operate remotely, and utilize web3 native tools for their operations. Multi-signature wallets (better known as multisigs) have quickly become one of the most important tools in the workflow stack for web3 teams. They are the most secure, censorship-resistant, and convenient way for teams to democratically manage their on-chain assets and programs. Squads Protocol is building the tools necessary for web3 teams to manage their treasuries and program upgrades all inside one easy-to-use interface; or as we like to say, all inside their Squad. Providing web3 teams a place where they can carry out essential protocol & business operations smoothly and completely on-chain is our first step towards developing an array of tools facilitating efficiency for web3 businesses.

Squads Protocol Investors