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We track, list and compare all digital assets, which enable passive income through staking, masternodes & dividends. Many big Cryptocurrencies already use or change to a staking, masternode algorithm or use tokens as dividend paying securities, we believe a site to track all those digital assets with easy information how to collect the rewards is a great tool for everyone, who is holding or thinking about opening positions in those coins. Personally i held some reward paying coins in the last year and just after a few month i realized, i had missed out on the rewards, just because i wasn´t aware how profitable and easy the reward system was. With our page we want to create a site, where you can check all the reward paying coins and learn how to store or set them up to collect the dividends. No one should hold staking coins and miss out on the rewards. We are listing the coins with the ROI, Minimum as well as a personal rating about Complexity, Reward and Risk. It will feature an interactive calculator for the rewards and we will provide or link tutorials how to set up the wallets for staking. Also we will explain the reward structure with detailed information on the consensus type and how rewards are calculated.

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