Stephanie Tramicheck, Founder of Lancelot Labs.

Stephanie Tramicheck

Founder of Lancelot Labs.

Stephanie Tramicheck Introduction

Stephanie Tramicheck is Founder of Lancelot Labs, a Silicon Valley tech-minded entrepreneur with an insatiable appetite for learning, entrepreneurial drive, and pragmatic creativity. I believe that high growth comes from a deep understanding of a market and creativity in leveraging new technology to bake a growth engine into the product. My rich 20-year career includes roles as Founder/CEO as well as GM and Intrapreneur for tech unicorns Pinterest and Etsy to help them create beachheads in Europe and crack international growth. I am also the creator of Refit Camp, a proven framework that helps tech start-ups identify product-market fit and claim category leadership. Raised in France, I moved to San Francisco in 2016.

Stephanie Tramicheck Work Experience