Supriyo Roy

Supriyo Roy

Founder of Hyype.

Supriyo Roy Introduction

Supriyo Roy is Founder of Hyype, a Designer with 10+ years of product design experience spanning multiple contexts, mediums, and industries. Currently, He is building to enable the next generation of creative economy. He is a strong proponent of inclusive design, pushing for UX blurring the lines between offline and online. My philosophy of accessible design is simple: Design is for everybody, regardless of personal limitations. Design has this amazing quality which defines that it is not only a means of visual communication but, used in the correct way, it can shock, stun and captivate. User experience is an integral part of the same design paradigm where it goes much beyond just the base product interaction with the consumer blurring the lines between offline and online. Currently, I am building a curation platform for digital collectors and creators. I’ve been a designer for over eight years, working across channels and mediums. My past design career extends to roles with Amazon, Flipkart, Faasos, Klaviyo, Microsoft, and Spangle. I actively help startups elevate their design philosophy and be more inclusive and empathetic towards the people they build their products for.

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