Swap For Gas

Swap For Gas

Get MATIC token on Polygon PoS in a Flash.


Swap For Gas Introduction

Swap for gas, a simple and easy-to-use solution for sourcing MATIC on Polygon PoS Mainnet. No more sourcing MATIC from exchanges and unnecessary bridging costs. Users can easily get their bridged ETH or DAI, or USDT tokens converted to MATIC on the Polygon PoS Network. It has a very robust and simple swapping experience. Please note that the swap for gas feature works gasless, and hence you are not required to pay for the swap. Users just need to select the amount of MATIC tokens required from the tiles and select the bridged asset they would want to swap and approve. Once the approval is done, you may select the “Swap” button and initiate the swap. As soon as the process is completed, you will receive the selected amount of MATIC on your account. Please note that a minimum of 1 MATIC and a maximum of 20 MATIC can be swapped at a time. Currently, with 1 MATIC, you will have enough gas to pay for almost 1000 transactions. We are working on adding support to more tokens that can be swapped in the future.

Swap For Gas Investors