Community curated oracle network on Solana.


Switchboard Introduction

Switchboard is building community curated oracle feeds on Solana. We want to enable anyone in the SOL community to push any form of data, whether financial time series or non-financial event-based data, on-chain and to help power the next generation of decentralized applications. Oracles are a critical component of DeFi infrastructure that enable smart contracts to interact with real world data. Too many solutions have focused on financial and time series data rather than generalizing to all forms of data. Data on-chain isn’t free and there needs to be a sustainable curation & incentive mechanism to determine what data will be maintained on-chain. Data integrity and incentive mechanisms need to be driven by the market and community. Scaling these sorts of decisions and supporting a broader set of data feeds requires a high performance, shared state chain. By focusing on community and market driven curation, Switchboard enables a much broader set of data providers and consumers to decide what they would like to see on-chain. The long tail of data is much more than just price feeds! Our initial aggregators are cryptocurrency and sports feeds, as requested by the community. Given Solana’s low transaction cost and speed, we’re working on supporting a much broader set of feeds than traditionally available from decentralized oracles. It’s our belief that Solana will become one of the premier destinations for developers building high performance, decentralized applications and we can’t wait to see what you’ll build with Switchboard.

Switchboard Portfolio