Tasha Kim

Tasha Kim

Investor at Marcy Venture Partners.


Tasha Kim Introduction

Tasha Kim is Investor at Marcy Venture Partners, early-stage vc investor passionate about companies bridging technology & culture. Her interests include social platforms, consumer fintech, crypto/web3, gaming, health & wellness, and marketplaces. Professionally, I'm an operator and investor passionate about consumer-facing companies creating positive impact. Personally, I’m obsessed with online culture, genz trends, citibiking, and subscribing to too many podcasts/newsletters. I’ve nurtured a lifelong passion for art & design and feel lucky to share it with others through a course I teach on the art historical origins of NFTs. I spend a lot of time thinking about how web3, crypto, and the elusive metaverse are going to touch our lives (and explore these ideas as a lead contributor to the Crypto, Culture & Society DAO). A few spaces in web3 that I’m excited about include: social crypto wallets, verticalized NFT marketplaces, DAO tooling, and digital fashion. I've also been featured on the Confluence.VC podcast and as a panel moderator at the GenZ VC Summit. I'm proud to give back to the tech ecosystem, including leading a cohort of women VC associates through All Raise and as a mentor with YOUTH Cities.

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