Help you shelter from volatility.


TempleDAO Introduction

TempleDAO is your safe haven in a sea of volatility. The purpose is to create an ecosystem that provides perfectly balanced exposure to growth coins in a way that goes far beyond simple indexed currency baskets. Our ecosystem will allow you to invest in assets along the entire risk spectrum with minimized volatility and downside exposure, while enjoying high returns. This is a first-in-class reduced risk asset that is not pegged to the US dollar. We have a pipeline of assets and protocol features that will create new, safer defi investing opportunities. TempleDAO provides a curated range of sophisticated, automated investment pools that allows users to boost their return, manage their risk, or both. Think of this as parking your bags in a transparent, automated, trading strategy. You can maintain exposure to high growth tokens, step back on your risk exposure, and more. This means you don’t have to sit and watch the market, you can choose your risk level and chill while the Temple manages your bags for you. We see this as an exciting development in defi — bringing more sophisticated risk management and trading strategies to the community.

TempleDAO Investors