Blockchain Consensus.

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Tendermint Introduction

State-of-the-art consensus engine. Byzantine-fault tolerant state machine replication. Or blockchain, for short.

All in Bits, Inc (which also does business as Tendermint, Inc., a Delaware for-profit corporation, hereafter referred to as the "Company") is the creator of Tendermint, a blockchain consensus project, as well as related products such as Ethermint.

The Company was founded in 2014 by Jae Kwon to explore the commercialization of the Tendermint consensus algorithm he developed in 2014. Since 2017, the company has been contracted by the Interchain Foundation to deliver the initial version of the Cosmos Network (hereafter referred to as "Cosmos") for the launch of the Cosmos Hub. Maturing the Cosmos software stack has been the Company's principal focus in 2017 and 2018.

At Tendermint, we build software for high-value public blockchains like the Cosmos Network. Our team consists of world class software developers, researchers and network operators.

As we progress towards the launch of Cosmos, it becomes important that the emerging Cosmos ecosystem have clarity on the role of the Company. All of the Cosmos-related technologies developed for the ICF are open source and permissively licensed. Anyone is free to build on top of it.

The Company will continue to be a partner and service provider to the ICF in supporting the development of Cosmos.

When acting on behalf of the ICF, the Company will strive to fairly support all participants in the Cosmos ecosystem and users of Cosmos technologies.

The Company will continue to develop technologies for Cosmos and, in general, continue to enrich the blockchain ecosystem for new clients and for its own business interests.

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