Terrible Pets

Terrible Pets

Web3 project featuring Hollywood veterans.


Terrible Pets Introduction

Terrible Pets is an upcoming Web3 project featuring Hollywood veterans such as Alec Berg and Mike Judge. Our ambition is to invent an entirely new format of user-generated content. One where you, the community, use building blocks from us to assemble new combinations of stories, memes, and comics. Terrible Pets is the cornerstone of this and a first-of-its-kind NFT collection, focused on saucy comedy. We don’t have thousands of characters, we have a cast of eight Terrible Pets, developed like a TV series, with deep narrative backstories and content. What makes each NFT unique is what its character is doing — a unique performance, NFTs that actually have a voice, a personality, and something to say. Our job from there is to make it easy, fun, and rewarding for you to take these blocks and do what the internet at large (and especially degens) does best: unleash the wild, unexpected creativity that births culture and the lulz. To set you up for success, we plan to set the foundation with original content, creative apps, reasons to care about doing this at all, and an amazing mob of potatoes (community) to do it hand in hand with as a crew. Thousands of people all pulling strong for the same characters to mean something. It’s a differentiated approach to seed narrative in culture and to catalyze + reward community creativity. We think this is a new and exciting way to bring a world to life, and it’s just the beginning. Our full vision, not yet revealed, is a credible shot on goal to define a new category of internet culture.

Terrible Pets Investors