The Block

The Block

Global, inclusive community of crypto and blockchain enthusiasts.

The Block Introduction

The Block is building a global, inclusive community of crypto and blockchain enthusiasts. If you are looking for your tribe, this is it — because it’s everyone’s tribe! Join us for technical, economic and governance events, fireside chats, happy hours, and meet and greets. Mingle with everyone from the leading innovators and leaders who are trailblazers in the space to the people who are dabbling for the first time. The Block is your reliable and newsworthy source for all things pertaining to blockchain and crypto — and a community that embraces all. There is no doubt that the cryptocurrency revolution will irrevocably change the world. It will impact governments, companies, universities, cities and every centralized entity. Historically, the cryptic nature of blockchain technology and the insular group of experts has deterred the vast majority of enthusiasts from learning and embracing cryptocurrency and blockchain fundamentals. The Block will demystify the inner workings behind the technology and make it accessible to all. Anyone with an interest in learning more about blockchain, cryptocurrency, smart contracts, privacy, decentralization, etc. can join us on our collective journey. The Block’s foundation is basic and powerful: we are crypto simplified.

The Block Team

Michael McCaffrey
Mika Honkasalo
Yilun Cheng
James Cabrera
Wolfie Zhao
Matt Yamamoto
John Dantoni
Aislinn Keely
Celia Wan
Jake McGraw
Larry Cermak
Ryan Todd
Frank Chaparro
Mike Dudas
Matteo Leibowitz
Saniya More
Yogita Khatri
Alek Hamid
Michael Catt
Joel Escobar
Mike Orcutt
Steven Zheng
Michael McSweeney
Eden Au
Afif Bandak

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