Easy, Discover Web3 Together.


Discover Web3 Together.


Easy Introduction

Easy is the first web3 social wallet for you, your friends, and your communities! We are a talented and experienced team of engineers, designers, and operators from companies like Airbnb, Apple, Disney, Google, Samsung, Amazon, Microsoft, MetaLab and iHeartMedia — all dedicated to making web3 easier, safer, and more fun for the world to use. Our earliest advisors and investors helped build some of the largest social platforms in the world, including Instagram and Twitter. We also have experience taking complex and sometimes raw technology, like speech recognition or robotics, and making it more ‘human’ and usable by average people. We believe that wallets should play a bigger role helping people enjoy web3 and avoid fraud and mistakes. Your wallet after all is your personal companion in your web3 journey. It should do so much more. So we built Easy to be the wallet we wished we had on our own “first day” experience with web3. What if we built a new mobile wallet from the ground up, as a consumer product, designed for people and not protocols? Community is so strong in web3. Wouldn’t we benefit from a more social design? One that helps with discovery and finding out the cool things happening in this space. And maybe one that builds trust, reputation, and safety from that design? With Easy, we are building a consumer product, not a tool. A wallet that is social, mobile, and safe. Web3 is best, and safest, when explored with friends. We built a wallet that allows you to easily find each other and the communities you love and explore web3 together. Easy’s beautiful user-curated profiles allow you to express yourself and help you shape your identity, follow your friends and community, and send crypto to people you know safely. Easy’s community feed shows you what is happening on web3 in real-time, see what’s new and trending, follow your friends, watch interesting people on the blockchain and stay up-to-date with your favorite communities, all via real-time blockchain data. The Easy wallet enables you to see all of your assets in one place, across multiple blockchains and wallets, as well as manage both hot wallets for transactions and read-only vault wallets for safe storage. Finally, Easy’s Signal feature takes crowdsourced data from the Easy community to rate and flag transactions and entities on web3, to keep users safe as they navigate.

Easy Investors