The Space

The Space

Matters Lab's Web3 experiment.


The Space Introduction

The Space is a dApp where players can tokenize, own, trade and color pixels while paying Harberger Tax and sharing UBI. The Space is an everlasting, Draw-to-Earn public space that runs on decentralized Web3 and supported by blockchain where members can tokenize, own, trade, and color pixels on a digital public graffiti wall. The Space recreates the “game” from the Reddit Place, while adopting Non-fungible tokens (NFT) to secure the rights for each pixel. The Harberger tax governs the public space and the Universal Basic Income (UBI) system ensures that every participant can receive benefits. With a smart contract, the mechanism can be stored in blockchain publicly, transparently, and permanently, and can be checked or confirmed by everyone. The Space is backed by blockchain and owned by a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). DAOs are internet-native entities where members collectively come together to make rules and decisions from the ground-up, without a central leadership. This means authorities can’t shut down The Space and all artworks will be accessible, forever, unlike similar projects on web2.

The Space Investors