The Web3 Index

The Web3 Index

Track key revenue metrics for protocols across the Web3 stack.

The Web3 Index Introduction

The Web3 Index reports on the fees being paid into Web3 networks, which showcases real usage. Stay up to date on the latest Web3 trends whether you’re a supply-side participant keeping tabs on in-demand networks, a developer interested in building on top of the most promising Web3 infrastructure, or simply a crypto-enthusiast passionate about the Web3 movement. Unlike most indexes in DeFi (a category of Web3) that use market capitalization or "total locked value (TLV)", The Web3 Index uses a fundamental index methodology. A key belief behind the fundamental index methodology is that underlying valuation figures (i.e. network revenue and usage) are more accurate estimators of a network's intrinsic value, rather than the listed market value of the project. In the spirit of this methodology, you won't see any token prices on The Web3 Index.

The Web3 Index Team

Adam Soffer