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Thesis believes in your right to choose; to personally determine membership in our culture of centralized infrastructure. We build and fund products and protocols in cryptocurrency and decentralized business that can make that choice possible for everyone. Culturally, financially and governmentally, outside forces control our lives. Things like credit ratings and centralized banking tell us it’s true. Our work facilitates a focus shift: from an external locus of control to internal. From things happen to me, to I control what parts of culture, business and finance I participate in. When institutions own the pieces of information that make up how we’re qualified and quantified as players in the game of society, unsavory stuff can happen. Lumped together, that info is easily breached. Controlled by corporations, it’s easily corrupted. We believe that the tallies adding up to your life belong to you. And belong somewhere outside of the current coordinated, central systems. If anything, we’re the question-askers. Does unchallenged mean indestructible? Is too big to fail too much of a risk to intentionally implode? Probably? Maybe? Definitely. Our creed: Break it. Make it. Change something big in the process. There’s something tremendously powerful at the intersection of experience and appetite for risk: confidence to be bold. The ability to make meaningful decisions that change minds. Even worlds. In this way, Thesis embraces neutral chaos—“let’s see what happens when we do this” action with a solid foundation of experience that helps us confidently push the big red button.

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