You know, like collec[tibles].

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Tibles Introduction

Tibles is a new digital collecting ecosystem on the Flow blockchain. Our mission is to make digital collecting as authentic and fulfilling as physical collecting.

A Tible is a delightful, robust, engaging collectible digital object. The Tibles digital collecting ecosystem on the Flow blockchain is premised on the value of ownership, rooted in the experience of collecting, and designed to propel brands into this new era. We look forward to working with all kinds of entertainment properties to create digital collectibles that excite fans and attract new audiences.

The Tibles team has more than a decade of experience developing digital collecting products for top tier licensed properties, including Marvel, Disney, Star Wars, Cartoon Network, MLB, NFL, and many others. Those products acquired millions of users, but one important component was missing: real ownership. For digital collecting to be as authentic and fulfilling as physical collecting, it needed to incorporate blockchain. Tibles was formed in 2018 to explore how to do that.

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