Timothy Lewis, Co-Founder, CSO at tea.inc.

Timothy Lewis

Co-Founder, CSO at tea.inc.

Timothy Lewis Introduction

Timothy Lewis is Co-Founder, CSO at tea. Formerly, Founder and Chief Innovation Officer at Ikigai Asset Management. He began his career in 2002 at e-velocity technical consulting as a Data Center Engineer for two years, after that he held any roles as a Consulting Engineer, worked at Oracle, Kaiser Permanente until he switched over to Blockchain Development in 2017 and has been involved in that area ever since. He now is the founder of a non-profit called DEVxDAO which supports DAO which provides grants to build cohesion and longevity in decentralized systems at large. I develop process, relationships, and information distribution to build and scale technology products. As an engineer, I am a seasoned entreprenuer and technical consultant by trade. Primarily involved in applications/communication systems/network/blockchain/voice/video/security design, development, and deployment. As an inventor, I have filed numerous patents and operate several businesses in regard to products resulting from this IP. As an adventurer, I have sailed the Pacific and explored most of Hawaii in great detail. As a philanthropist, I help create and distribute greeting cards to inspire hope in children.

Timothy Lewis Work Experience