TipLink, Send crypto with a link. The link is the wallet!


Send crypto with a link. The link is the wallet!


TipLink Introduction

The concept of TipLink is dead simple. The link itself is the wallet. For all previous solutions, you need to download an app or chrome extension to retrieve the money. Alternatively, you need to let the app connect to your wallet to hook up to a smart contract. With our cryptographic techniques, the link is all you need to get the information for the full ownership of the wallet. This means I can send a link with $5 of crypto over any messaging system out there (discord/slack/email/text etc). With a TipLink, anyone can accept a link, you reveal no sensitive information, and there is no back and forth. Just stick the TipLink in the chat and you are done. We aren’t just trying to be better than other crypto payment solutions, but flat out better than any payment solution for this market segment. The user can keep the crypto in that link wallet, withdraw it to Phantom, take the $5 and split it into another $2 link and send to another user, and much much more coming over time. This is not only useful for a crypto native for sending payments online. For the first time, I can send crypto to my mom without having her download an app or extension that she doesn’t understand. She can even send a portion of that to a friend. Now two users who know nothing about crypto are interacting with it on the backend. Further, what’s amazing about links is that we can interact with the physical world. I can create a TipLink with $5 and just show a QR to someone. They can scan it with their phone camera and all of a sudden, I just gave money to someone else without exchanging any information. In the future, we want to add NFTs, bulk link creation, and most importantly the TipLink API. This will allow people to integrate single click link/QR code wallets. We think this is going to be a foundational primitive for crypto/NFTs on Solana. If this works like we think it can, we have the opportunity to rapidly get more Solana and Solana NFTs into the hands of millions of crypto and non-crypto users alike.

TipLink Investors