Toby Shorin, Partner at Other Internet.

Toby Shorin

Partner at Other Internet.

Toby Shorin Introduction

Toby Shorin is Partner at Other Internet. Product, Strategy, and Research. I research systems of identity, agency, and value. When we understand how these systems work, we can learn to shape them—by building products and deploying cultural infrastructure. As a consultant, I develop and execute bespoke product and brand strategies that create excess value for my clients and collaborators. Product leader across startups, decentralized organizations, enterprise, and cultural institutions. Multi-disciplinary approach to creating value through deeply-integrated product and brand strategy. Grounded in agile software and a decade of user experience design across web and mobile, with approach drawing from social psychology, HCI research, and media theory. Acknowledged leader in cultural analysis, with experience including b2c, digital health, blockchain, ecommerce, education technology, and enterprise digital transformation.

Toby Shorin Work Experience