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TRGC Introduction

TRGC has spent over four years creating and nurturing an extensive network of reputable industry contacts, resulting in unrivalled access to a wealth of vantage points in the blockchain investment landscape. At the same time, we have demonstrated a consistent and battle-tested ability to source high quality project teams, investing in their vision with conviction. TRGC leverages deep knowledge of the blockchain technology ecosystem to assess future potential, adding exceptional value at the earliest stages of de- velopment and enabling innovation to blossom. Our investment portfolio highlights a verifiable track record of fostering cutting-edge technologies at their point of inception. TRGC invests across a wide spectrum of distributed technologies; our level of involvement ranges from seed investments in blockchain protocols and infrastructures to deployment of capital in established blue-chip digital assets that will continue to shape and advance the DeFi ecosystem. Our ability to put capital to work efficiently and generate asymmetric risk-adjusted returns comes as a result of applying a rigorous, research-driven investment pro- cess. We place a high focus on long-term partnerships with exceptional project teams and founders. We are able to tap into strong industry connections that help companies navigate today’s regulatory uncer- tainties, enabling teams to forge partnerships, build communities and construct flourishing ecosystems. All of the aforementioned results in tremendous value be- ing captured in a way that was not previously possible. Combined, the cumulative knowledge, value-add and foresight behind TRGC as a fund has made it well-posi- tioned to make a considerable mark on the blockchain and digital asset economy.


Damian Williams
Yoon Kim
Etienne vantKruys