TributeDAO, A next generation DAO framework.


A next generation DAO framework.

TributeDAO Introduction

TributeDAO is a next generation DAO framework, A new modular DAO framework, inspired by the Moloch smart contracts. The framework aims to improve DAOs by fixing the: - Lack of modularity: which has created challenges both in terms of extending, managing, and upgrading DAOs; - Rigid voting and governance mechanisms: which limit the ability to experiment with additional forms of governance; - High costs: especially for onchain voting; - Single token DAO structures: which make it difficult to divide up economic and governance rights and create teams or sub-groups; and - Lack of NFT Support: which makes it difficult for DAOs to be deployed for NFT projects. The TributeDAO framework aims to address these issues, as part of our quest to make DAOs the dominant form of organization. As the growing number of participants in DAOs know, there is no “one size fits all” for managing any organization. DAOs need low cost and easy to develop components that can be assembled like lego blocks to fit the needs of the organization and its membership.

TributeDAO Investors