Turbo Geth

Turbo Geth

Fork of Go-Ethereum with focus on performance.

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Turbo Geth Introduction

Turbo Geth is a fork of Go-Ethereum with focus on performance. Faster derivative of Go Ethereum. An accessible and reproducible analytics tool tracking Ethereum growth, based on Turbo Geth.

Alternative implementation of Ethereum (Eth 1.x), derived from go-ethereum. The main difference between turbo-geth and go-ethereum is in the way the database is used to store and access the Ethereum state and its history. This change has a profound effect on many parts of the code. Currently, turbo-geth only supports full sync from genesis block, but it will support snapshot sync which is more efficient than fast sync and more secure than warp sync. Turbo-geth is also used as a platform for the research into Stateless Ethereum.

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