Tusk Ventures

Tusk Ventures

Helping start-ups change the world.

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Tusk Ventures Introduction

Tusk Ventures, helping start-ups change the world. We protect startups from politics. We take on the entrenched interests and politicians trying to stifle innovation and competition so our portfolio companies don’t have to. Disrupting any industry also means disrupting the political status quo. Our job is to make that happen.

Tusk Venture Partners (“TVP”) is the firm’s dedicated venture capital fund. We invest in consumer technology startups operating in heavily regulated markets across North America. TVP has the flexibility to invest patient capital into the most ambitious startups that are targeting large addressable markets.

As the technology landscape continues to evolve, the most innovative companies will increasingly require expertise navigating the political, regulatory and media environment, making TVP a strategic investor capable of catalyzing growth in calcified industries, or new verticals altogether.

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