Tweed, Fully embedded web3 infrastructure.


Fully embedded web3 infrastructure.

Tweed Introduction

Tweed provides self-custodial key management, a fully functional white label wallet, and onramp + offramp connectivity to platforms looking to introduce web3 elements within their own environment and appeal to non-crypto native users. Using Tweed’s powerful SDK, platforms and brands no longer need to ask users to bring their own wallet. With several login options and account recovery, Tweed enables frictionless onboarding of web2 users. Platforms can use web3 terminology or their own language with platform-controlled UI. Tweed’s wallet infrastructure provides the most compliant API-based self-custodial wallet available. The Tweed SDK includes a white label payments layer with fiat to NFT and crypto onramp solutions. With Tweed, companies can offer a seamless onboarding experience and offload any regulatory custody burden.

Tweed Investors