TYR CAPITAL, A leading institutional digital asset manager.


A leading institutional digital asset manager.


TYR CAPITAL Introduction

TYR Capital is a Swiss based investment manager specialised in the digital asset space. We offer investors a full spectrum of investment strategies ranging from a market neutral / arbitrage fund, a hybrid venture capital fund (including liquid tokens, early stage token and multi-stage venture capital equity) and a liquid cryptocurrency fund. All funds have been structured to meet the needs of institutional investors whether they invest in USD or in kind (BTC, ETH and USDC). TYR Capital was founded in 2018 by a team of seasoned finance professionals with decades of experience at top -tier financial firms in the traditional asset space and deep knowledge of the digital asset space. The team has applied to cryptocurrency a range of complimentary and proven investment strategies, trading techniques, risk management and understanding of market dynamics inherited from years of proprietary trading in commodity markets. TYR Capital has developed over the last 3 years a robust, secure and adaptive operational architecture using prime counter-parties and systems in line with institutional grade standard.