Providing easy access to human friendly Web3 data.


Unidata Introduction

Unidata is providing easy access to human friendly Web3 data. The beauty of Web3 is that everyone owns their data, but accessing and displaying own data is a difficult thing. Each application has its own data specifications and access methods, it's hard for developers to adapt to all of them one by one. That's why Unidata. Unidata gets data from a variety of platforms and data sources, converts it to the same and easy-to-use specifications, and gives developers a unified API to access it. Web3 development has never been so easy. Unidata classifies data into four categories: - Profiles record the basic information of accounts, including the name, avatar, bio, connected accounts, etc. - Links describe the relationships between accounts, such as following relationship. - Assets are the properties owned by accounts, such as an NFT, a game achievement, a physical figure, a commodity for sale, etc. 🎼 Notes are the actions or events generated by accounts, such as writing a blog post, getting a NFT dynamic, donation to others, etc.

Unidata Investors