UniPass, A Seedless and Gasless User Experience for Your Web3 Apps.


A Seedless and Gasless User Experience for Your Web3 Apps.


UniPass Introduction

UniPass Wallet is a smart contract wallet solution that supports on-chain Email social recovery. Using UniPass Wallet, developers can provide a seedless, gasless user experience familiar to Web2 users, significantly increasing the conversion rate. UniPass Wallet can help users conveniently manage their their private keys without tools like seed phrase that are unfamiliar and error-prone for Web2 users. UniPass aims to help more people become a true citizen of Web3 and own a decentralized identity (DID), thus making no compromise on security and censorship resistance. Through our state-of-the-art on-chain email social recovery solution, users can choose people with no Web3 experience as the guardians of their accounts, who can assist users in social recovery using nothing more than their email accounts. Thanks to the on-chain implementation, no third-party server is needed to achieve social recovery. UniPass Wallet aims to provide the most secure and convenient wallet experience leveraging the latest innovations in the field.

UniPass Investors