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Unpopular Ventures believe the best opportunities in life tend to be found on the road less traveled - and especially so when it comes to startups. Unpopular Ventures invests in early stage technology startups globally. Because innovation usually emerges on the fringes, the greatest successes generally result from taking positions that are "non-consensus and right." Most of the startups that changed the world were unpopular in the beginning - including Google, Airbnb, and many others. Our aim is to support the category-defining companies of tomorrow, that probably aren’t obvious today. To this end, we partner with outstanding teams who create new markets, pursue ideas which others initially dismiss, conquer overlooked geographies, operate in underestimated verticals and/or take on challenges with daunting odds. All of our portfolio companies have the potential to grow at least 100x. We help them turn their visions of the future into reality. To date, we have invested $30 M across >100 companies (some more than once). Our check size is ~$250k on average, and can range from $25k to $1 M.

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