Utopia, Be a Utopian.


Be a Utopian.


Utopia Introduction

Utopia Group founded by Alejandro Saez, Eva Longoria, Maria Bravo and Javier Garcia. Utopia offers through this vertical a very complete proposal based on tangible utilities, metaverse, community treasury linked to IRL (In Real Life) and philanthropy give back as a way to grow and have value in the community. Utopia Avatars will have 9,922 NFTs minted on the Ethereum blockchain and designed by hand from an integrating point of view, transmitting the values ​​of diversity and inclusion through their art. In addition, it will provide added value to the holders who, through acquiring these NFTs, will have access to multiple benefits. It is worth highlighting the tangibility of many of them in real life and the day-to-day of those who possess them and therefore enjoy them. Utopia Avatars' value proposition focuses on offering its holders an experience based on physical and digital spaces.

Utopia Investors