Victor von Wachter

Victor von Wachter

Research Coordinator at Financial Transparency Group.


Victor von Wachter Introduction

Victor von Wachter is very tech-driven and a PhD candidate at the University of Copenhagen in the field of Decentralized Finance. He is very passionate about DeFi and Web 3.0 applications and wants to shape the future of digital finance. I am a highly motivated graduate (TUM) and PhD candidate (KU) at the intersect of Finance and Computer Science with a specialization in Data Analytics and Blockchain Engineering. Additional professional experience in Start-up development and consulting. Currently working at the forefront of blockchain-based finance, providing decentralized software for financial applications. Furthermore, I am passionate about the latest tech innovation. My research articles about the development of the FinTech industry has been cited numerous times in research and conferences.

Victor von Wachter Work Experience