Viktor Tron

Viktor Tron

Swarm team lead at Ethereum Foundation.


Viktor Tron Introduction

Viktor Trón is swarm team lead at Ethereum Foundation, free code artist. blockchain, decentralisation, web3, machine learning, AI, language technology. Committed to the ideal of a free voluntary society, I have a keen interest in encryption, privacy, information security, decentralisation, cryptography and believe in technology and innovation as the conduit for peaceful social change. A long-time contributor to the open source community I advocate free software, open source, open data and open collaboration models and against copyright and patent laws. Currently working on the crypto 2.0 vision. With solid mathematics, linguistics and AI research background as well as strong software engineering experience, uniquely positioned to take on challenging software-technology projects. Designed and developed natural language and speech technologies and related software applications using corpus processing, machine learning and statistical analysis of big data, domain-tailored data structures and algorithms. Delivered several full-stack web applications, worked on information retrieval, big data and cloud, social media, linked data, crypto-currencies, smart contracts and web3.0.

Viktor Tron Work Experience