Visary Capital

Visary Capital

A thesis-driven seed fund built on first principles.

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Visary Capital Introduction

Visary Capital is an early stage seed fund investing in teams building infrastructure, protocols, and applications for the next generation digital economy.

Software continues to eat the world as new business models, developer ecosystems, and financial systems are being built.

The power of data was unlocked in the web 2.0 era over the last 20 years, but not secured or optimized. A major shift in incentives and architecture is occurring. Open-source movements have historically challenged incumbents, from microprocessors to operating systems and databases — and now data networks, financial markets, and global digital commerce.

We are eternally curious with research in areas such as crypto networks, digital assets, distributed systems, financial services, machine learning, healthcare, media, and more. We partner closely with companies and open-source communities enabling freedom, inclusiveness, education, and major societal efficiencies through technology.

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