Vlad Zamfir

Vlad Zamfir

Researcher, Analyst, Architect.


Vlad Zamfir Introduction

Vlad Zamfir is part of the Ethereum Development Team and is an analytics consultant at Burson-Marsteller. Zamfir is known for his active involvement in the Ethereum community, his work on "cryptoeconomics", proof-of-stake and blockchain sharding in the Ethereum ecosystem. He is also concerned about ethics in the use and governance of blockchain technology. Since 2014, Zamfir has been a researcher with the Ethereum Foundation, a non-profit organisation that supports the development of the Ethereum platform. He is the lead developer of the Casper protocol upgrade. If successful, Casper would shift ether from being a proof-of-work coin to a proof-of-stake coin and help achieve large-scale network scalability.

Vlad Zamfir Work Experience